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Offered for free Offered for free - Girl's Duvet & Sheet / White Towels / Kids Sleeping Bags - FOP


I have the following items to gift...

Two CHILDRENS sleeping bags ... clean and functional. Suit up to about age 8 - machine washable (the sleeping bag not the child) - one is snakes and ladders theme (with integral pillow and the other has a jungle theme - perfect for the budding Bear Grylls!

I have a single duvet cover and fitted sheet to gift - no pillow case :-( - Purple Heart design - suit girls.

A selection of white towels and pedestal mats - all items are clean and in reasonable condition...

FOP Applies - Please provide contact telephone number (to filter out time wasters)

Collection from Slip End (J10 M1) to suit you - day / evening / weekend.

FOP: Fair Offer Policy
I will not gift to the first person to respond to this ad but will wait at least 24 hrs before gifting it.



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Posted : 9 years 42 weeks 20 hours ago (07 Dec @ 15:23)
 This Ad is now Closed.

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