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What should EcoBees's next new feature be?

We want you to help us decide what new feature we should add to EcoBees next.  We're always open to suggestions and comments, but we wanted to be ready for the next round of development to make EcoBees the best it can be, so that it's working the way you want it to!

We have 2 ideas that we think would help make EcoBees easier or better to use.  Firstly let's tell you what we're already working on…

Post Ads to Freecycle™/Freegle(UK)

We are a new site and we are growing rapidly, but we are still small in relation to Freecycle™ or Freegle(UK).  We have already started development so that when you create an Ad on EcoBees we will let you post it to your local Freecycle™/Freegle group, just like we currently do with Facebook and Twitter.

This has a few benefits for all;

  1. Your Ads get a wider audience, more people to see them = more freesharing
  2. You don't ever need to post to Freecycle™/Freegle again, we do it for you!
  3. EcoBees gets seen by more people, hopefully they will see the benefits and join

By posting to EcoBees, you are automatically posting to EcoBees, Freecycle™, Freegle, Facebook AND Twitter.  We would post your Ad in the most generic 'correct format' that Freecycle™/Freegle groups 'enforce' you to use.  We would also post it as if you had done it yourself, so any replies would go straight to your mailbox and NOT EcoBees.  We won't force people to join EcoBees to request your Ads!!

This feature will need us to store your Freecycle™/Freegle email address so we can post it as if you did it yourself.  No passwords would be required.

We hopefully expect this to be live by the end of June This is now LIVE.  In preparation for when this is done, we want to know what you want next!…

The 2 choices you currently have…

1.  Rate a member

We all know that some people are no-shows!  We all know people can be downright rude or even aggressive.  And we all know that some people are absolute diamonds, reliable, honest, punctual, etc!  We want you to be able to rate anybody that you have had dealings with, so that other members can see what those people are like to help them decide who to freeshare with.

You will only be able to rate somebody who you have had dealings with!  We think that means anybody who replies to your Ads, but especially people who you accept an offer from or give an item to.  It'll hopefully work similar to Ebay.

2.  SMS Alerts

The ability to notify you about new Ads within your specified radius via SMS(text) to your mobile phone.  You might think this is sexy new technology for freesharing, but it might be a step backwards!  People are increasingly having emails capable mobile phones and can email and even go to websites from their phone.  Using SMS to receive an alert immediately would still mean that you had to have access to the web/email to respond quickly.

This is not something that you would want to do for all categories of Ads, only those things you might be desperate for or need collecting quickly.  The reason we think you wouldn't want to do this is because from our investigations it would cost us to send an SMS message to you, which we would have to charge you for.  We aren't a massive business and can't negotiate/buy SMS in bulk so there will be a cost per SMS received by you.  If anybody knows where there are cheap services, please contact us.

Your Choice

We think that Rate a Member is more beneficial to the EcoBee community but we'll do what you want!  This site was created for you, so it's over to you to help us decide.

If you have any other ideas, please let us know, we may add them to the poll!

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