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Maps on EcoBees

[green globe] For our member's privacy, we restrict maps to members of EcoBees only.  These pages show you what you can expect when you become a member and use our map features.

Ad Locations

Looking at Ad Locations in your user block will show you a map centered where you live showing all current ads in your area.

Map showing all EcoBees Ads

Multiple Ads at 1 Location

Quite often when people have a clear out, they will have several Ads open at once, to save having all Ads stacked on top of each other, we stagger them so you can see them all.  You can still see Ad Details by clicking the map pins.
[Map showing multiple Ads in 1 location]

Ad Details

When clicking an Ad on a map, a popup shows the following details about the Ad:

  • The title of the Ad
  • a full description
  • any Ad pictures
  • the location
  • the distance from you
  • when posted
  • category or categories

The popup looks like this… [map showing details of an Ad]


When you are accepted to receive an item from a member, you will receive an acceptance email, which will usually include a link with directions from your door to theirs!  How cool!

These directions are provided by Google and not only give you step by step instructions, they actually show you a picture of where you are going!  If you click the camera icon beside the distance you will see a photo of where you are going.
inset showing camera icon

Of course you can click the camera icon at any of the direction waypoints if you're not sure where it is and you'll get a photo as well.
map showing photo of destination

Browser Issues with Internet Explorer

We use Google Maps on EcoBees and Google are aware of several issues with Internet Explorer.  If you are using Internet Explorer and are having problems with the maps then please read this help provided by Google [opens a new window].

There may also be other issues with using Internet Explorer on EcoBees.

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