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Facebook Account linking

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To increase the number of people that see your Ads, you can link your EcoBees account to your Facebook account.  Whenever you create an Ad on EcoBees, you are given the option to publish it to your Facebook wall which will mean that it get's seen by all your friends on their homepage.  It also helps to spread the word about EcoBees so we get more members, you get more free stuff and we all get more people to help save the planet!!

1. Start the Link Process

It doesn't matter if you are signed in to Facebook or not, as long as you aren't signed in to EcoBees, you will see a Facebook login button, simply click it to start the process.
[Facebook login button]

2. Login to Facebook

If you're already logged in to Facebook go to step 3.

If you aren't currently logged in to Facebook, you will see a popup window(or in some browsers a new tab). This is the Facebook login screen, and is provided by Facebook, not Ecobees, and will log you into Facebook when you enter your details and click "Connect"
[Facebook login screenshot]

3. Link the Accounts

Once you have logged in or were already logged in to Facebook, you will see the following screen;

Facebook connect

Click here to create a new account with Facebook
Click here to connect your existing account with Facebook

If you already have an EcoBees account, you will be asked to login as usual on EcoBees.

If you don't have an EcoBees account, you will be taken to the EcoBees registration screen.

4. Last Step!

The last screen allows you to "Let my Facebook friends see me on" and "Use my Facebook picture as user picture"/
Facebook connect options in EcoBees screenshot
Select which of these options you want and you're done!!

Your FREE stuff is shown on Facebook

When you create Offered or Wanted Ads on EcoBees, and you are currently logged in to Facebook, you will be asked if you want to post it to Facebook.  The Ad will show on all your friends Walls', including a link direct to your Ad and looks like this;
EcoBees free stuff on Facebook screenshot

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