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Why should I use EcoBees?

I use and am happy with Freecycle™ as it gets me the widest exposure.  I am wondering why I should use your site?  Especially with so few members?

How are you going to promote your site?

Nice intro page.

[name omitted]


You are absolutely correct by saying that Freecycle™ gives you a big exposure.  As a new site it's going to take time for us to have a big membership.  As Freecycle™ members ourselves, we were constantly repeating certain tasks and thought of ways that we could make it easier on ourselves.

For example

  1. we were always having to remember the correct format when making posts
  2. we were always wondering how far something was to know if it was worth asking asking for items.  Town/postcode/zipcode isn't accurate enough
  3. when accepting someone for our items we had to enter our address, EVERY time
  4. when we were accepted for an item, we had to then go and find directions
  5. occasionally when we posted an item, we would get a no-show and would have to re-offer. We thought that this might be down to people asking for things before they knew how far the item was and rather than politely reply and tell us we had a no-show.
  6. we had to hunt around for our local groups
  7. we couldn't post to more than 1 group at a time and were told to wait 2 weeks before posting to another group.  Sometimes people are members of more than 1 group due to their location.
  8. adding a picture to a post is a very convoluted affair and forces you to create your own gallery

At EcoBees we have addressed all these issues…

  1. you just enter the title of what you are offering/wanting
  2. we show you how far every item is from where you live
  3. when we accept a person for our items, EcoBees automatically inserts our address
  4. EcoBees includes a link to directions
  5. All Ads are categorised so you can subscribe only to those categories you are interested in
  6. hopefully the inclusion of distance and the ability to see on a map where the item is will reduce the number of no-shows
  7. you decide how far you are willing to travel and you will only be notified about those Ad within that distance
  8. you can choose different distances for each category of Ad you are interested in
  9. you can add upto 2 pictures to an Ad in as little as 2 clicks!
  10. we can post to your Freecycle™ group from EcoBees, so no need to use 2 sites.

You decide the distance you are prepared to travel for items and it can be changed for different categories of Ad.  For example a person may be more inclined to travel further for furniture or household goods than for books or magazines.  We are also hoping to implement an Ebay style 'rate this member' to help the community spirit and minimise the no-shows and rude individuals.

To increase the audience of your items, we post it to your Facebook friends and add to your Twitter feed as well as our EcoBees Twitter feed, which we also hope will help to increase awareness of EcoBees, help to spread the word.

By being a public website we are indexed by search engines (unlike Yahoo groups) on the internet and also the use of Facebook and Twitter we hope will virally spread the word about EcoBees.

We have approached local government, green/eco-focused websites and have also asked for local grants to help promote EcoBees.  We do not expect EcoBees to grow overnight, we have a long way to go and we believe that we offer a new way of doing things.  We hope that the site's features mentioned above are good enough for environmentally aware people to want to tell their friends and family about.  It's only by working together that can we achieve more and make a difference.

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