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What are these Ad status about?

The status of an Ad depends on what you can do with it, both as an advertiser or a requester.

An Open Ad is one that can be requested by other EcoBees members.
Closed STC
Closed Subject To Collection is the status of an Ad that has been given in principle to another member.  Once an Ad is Closed STC it can't be given to anybody else.  If the member doesn't collect the item in the Ad then the Ad can be changed to Re-opened.
A Closed Ad has been collected and is no longer available.
An Ad that was previously Closed STC but wasn't collected can be opened up again for other members to request.
An Ad that was incorrectly posted or has had no interest can be withdrawn and will not be available for other members to collect.
Only Moderators can suspend an Ad.  A Suspended Ad will not be visible to other members and is usually due to a query over the content of the Ad.  Such Ads may be offensive, illegal, advertising, etc…

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