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Spread the word with EcoBees posters

Here are a couple of posters that you can print and stick on your workplace noticeboard, community hall, or wherever you think will be useful to help promote EcoBees in your area.  The more people that know about and join EcoBees, the more we all benefit, including the planet!

Eco Friendly Note - You could print on the back of something that has already been printed on and don't forget to recycle the poster when you've finished with it.  Thanks!

The main body text on the poster reads is a grassroots movement of people who are giving, getting, sharing
and swapping stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reducing, re-using,
recycling and saving the planet.  Membership is free!

Becoming an EcoBee couldn't be easier…

  1. Join EcoBees
  2. Start giving/getting stuff for FREE - you're saving the planet

A6 Poster

EcoBees A6 posterHere is a single A6 poster.  It is available as a jpg image(344Kb) or a PDF document(2.4Mb).

A6 Poster on A4 sheet

EcoBees A6 poster on A4 sheetHere is a single A6 poster on an A4 sheet.  It is available as a jpg image(246Kb) or a PDF document(2.5Mb).

2x A5 Posters on A4 sheet

2x EcoBees A5 posters on A4 sheetHere is a single A4 sheet with 2 A5 posters on it.  It is available as a jpg image(1.1Mb) or a PDF document(9.1Mb).

4x A6 Posters on A4 sheet

4x EcoBees A6 posters on A4 sheetHere is a single A4 sheet with 4 A6 posters on it.  It is available as a jpg image(1.4Mb) or a PDF document(6Mb).

Something Different?

If you use these posters, we'd be glad to hear how it went or if you have any comments or would like something in a different size just contact us and we'll see if we can help you.

Many Thanks!

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