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EcoBees does Twitter

EcoBees now integrates your Twitter account so that when you post an Ad on EcoBees, you also post it to your Twitter account.


Why would you want to use Twitter with EcoBees…[EcoBees Twitter icon]

  • Get more people to see your Ads
  • Bragging rights - shows how green you are
  • Show support for EcoBees


When you are logged in, go to My Information and select edit then Twitter accounts and enter your Twitter username and password.  That's it!!
[Enter Twitter details]

The next time you create an Ad, you will see a checkbox that allows you to post your Ad to Twitter, just tick the box, save your Ad and we'll post it to your Twitter feed as well as on EcoBees.
[post EcoBees Ad to Twitter]

What's it Look Like?

  • If your Ad is an Offered Ad - your Twitter feed says "Offered for FREE - "title of your Ad" - [web address to your Ad]"
  • If your Ad is an Wanted Ad - your Twitter feed says "Looking for - "title of your Ad" at [web address to your Ad]"

[screenshot of twitter feed]

We also post all Ads to our EcoBees Twitter feed [opens in a new window] to help promote your Ads and the EcoBee buzz.

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