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EcoBees are 100% Green

Most of the web sites on the planet are running 24x7, consuming electricity even when nobody is looking at their websites!!  They even have to be cooled because they generate so much heat.  Web sites need to be on 24x7 for an international community, but why consume lots of energy and need cooling all the time?

A lot of people don't know this but you can use green energy to power web sites and you can use very efficient computers that generate less heat.  We've been in the web industry for a long time now and we know that billions of web pages generate millions of tonnes of CO2!

When we designed we knew we would make it as green as possible and that means we needed to power the site using renewable energy and also find efficient servers that generate less heat.

[Ecobees are 100% green and environmentally friendly]

We can tell you that we are 100% green

  • We use renewable energy for our website
  • We use energy efficient Dell servers
  • We also contribute towards tree planting projects

Not only did we do this, but if you have a website and are interested in using our green energy service just ask us about green web hosting.

EcoBees : 100% Green

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