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Pets, Animals and Accessories

Animal related items, hutches, pens, accessories, etc.

Our Stance on Pets

Our view is that everything on EcoBees has to be for free i.e. there can be no profiteering or conflicts of interest where pets are concerned and the givers of pets have every opportunity to vet the people that have requested their pet before deciding who to give their pet to or even if they still want to give their pet. The way EcoBees works invariably means that any pets that are given would be given locally which makes arrangement for checkups / visits easy if required.

We took the decision to extend the service to pets as it is quite legitimate that people may find themselves in a situation where they are no longer able (perhaps physically or financially) to look after their loved pet and so want to see their pet given (for free) to a new, loving and local home. EcoBees would rather see animals re-homed than destroyed or dumped in the wild and left to fend for themselves. While you may disagree we hope you understand our stance a little better and that we are only trying to do (what we consider to be) the right thing with a community of caring people.

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Guinea Pigs

Wanted item  Wanted - Free Guinea Pigs

Wanted - guinea pigs, lots of room, cages etc. Loving homes with no children. Lots of other animals


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Posted : 9 years 49 weeks 1 day ago (21 Apr @ 09:46)

test ad for Facebook

Offered item  Offered - Free test ad for Facebook

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Distance from you is ???

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Distance from you is ???

Posted : 10 years 2 weeks 4 days ago (12 Mar @ 14:01)
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