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Offered for free Offered for free - Wetsuit: Alder Impact Titanium - Shortie -Size XXL

Navy Blue with light and dark grey side accents. This suit was left by our last house-mate and he has since given us permission to get rid of it. It's not seen much use as far as I can tell, and if it has, then the previous owner took very good care of it! Not familiar with the Alder range, but this suit looks to be one of the entry level models, so seams are stitched but not taped inside or glued, so really this is your basic summer shortie for those who find the summer waters still a bit too nippy for their liking.

As title says, this is a 2XL / XXL size suit. You can usually use your normal clothing sizing as an approximate indicator. But hey if you're not sure what size you are, this is obviously going free, so take it home, try it on, if no good there's always this site, eh? ;)




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Posted : 2 years 33 weeks 6 days ago (22 Aug @ 23:54)
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