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Offered for free Offered for free - Thomas Electric Organ Malibu 425

Thomas Malibu 425 electric organ. About 40-45 years old - I believe the Malibu organ dates from 1965-1968.

Good working condition. Color glo keyboard to show how to play instantly. When the keys light up letters appear. If you can read the alphabet, you can play the organ with the corresponding music book,which is included. This facility can be switched off with a button underneath.

50 watt transistor amplifier. Each keyboard has a full span of 44 notes. The two keyboards are arranged to conform to standard organ specifications. The keyboards are tilted and overhanging. Tremolo and Celeste speeds. Two 12" heavy duty speakers. Stereo Chorus. 13 note radial arc heel and toe pedal board. variable pedal volume and pedal sustain.

Quality Hardwood cabinet carefully handcrafted from hardwood veneer. Dimensions: 27 ins. front to back. The actual body is only 24''but that allows for the pedals. It is 35'' high and 44'' wide.

Thomas Chimes, reverb, mute tab, variable vibrato. Headset provision.

A service may be needed as some keys can stick, otherwise working well.

Brochure with full specification included, still in original Thomas envelope.

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