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About EcoBees

We all want to do our bit for (rather than against!) the environment, but sometimes it’s not easy and the right choice to make is not always obvious.  EcoBees makes living a greener life much easier and accessible to more people… EcoBees is fun… EcoBees is FREE… so we hope you join our hive! You still have a few questions…?

Why "EcoBees "

Why did we choose the name EcoBees and what does it say about us?

The ‘Eco’ is fairly obvious, we're an ecologically and environmentally based group of people that believe together we can make a difference to the world we live in.

a community social gathering in order to perform some task, engage in a contest, etc.: a sewing bee; a spelling bee; a husking bee.
Community, social gathering, common task…  makes a bit more sense now doesn't it!

Bees are also very important for the environment and humans!

"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left.  No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man." - Albert Einstein

As a member of this site you are as important as the bee.

What, Why, When, How, Where and Who?

What is EcoBees?

Through EcoBees you can reach a mass local audience of people like you and you can:

  • tell them about items you want to give away for free (i.e. get rid of)  or…
  • ask them for stuff you want to receive for free… if anyone has the stuff you are after and are not using it then they will hopefully let you know!

As such we present EcoBees as an easy to use, free, social and convenient online tool to benefit the environment… as well as yourself!


Good question… and here are some good answers:

  • Waste cannot be eliminated but it can be reduced… so by finding local homes for perfectly good (but not new) items that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill site we hope that EcoBees reduces waste.
  • Similarly, rather than buying new (and creating a demand for the associated resources and materials etc) it would be better to re-use a second-hand item that was no longer needed by the current owner… yeah?
  • Also, you will get a warm fluffy feeling by doing your respective bit for the environment, whether you're re-using other people’s items or giving your unwanted items to others to re-use or even both!
  • Oh yes, and it’s FREE!
  • Also, the EcoBees service is carbon-neutral making us a service that practices what it preaches!  There are other groups out there doing the same or similar but they aren't 100% green like EcoBees.


From March 2010, so that means you should join now , why delay?


By giving you a free and easy to use way to tell similarly minded people what you have to give and what you would like to receive and by allowing others to tell you what they have to offer and would like to receive too.   Simple!


While the overseers of the EcoBees project reside in the UK there are no walls or barriers and the problems we are aiming to reduce are not limited to any particular country so we expect the number of EcoBees countries and regions to increase rapidly and actively encourage this to happen.  We are almost ready for foreign languages too, if you'd like to volunteer to translate.


Just a couple of guys winding their way through this world trying to tread lightly and spread a few smiles ;-)  And we hope that you will join us on that journey too!

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