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Welcome to, a grassroots movement of people who are giving, getting and sharing stuff for free in their own towns.  It's all about reducing, re-using, recycling and saving the planet.  Membership is free!

  Becoming an EcoBee couldn't be easier…

  1. Join EcoBees
  2. Start giving, getting, swapping and sharing stuff for free - you're saving the planet

What should EcoBees's next new feature be?

We want you to help us decide what new feature we should add to EcoBees next.  We're always open to suggestions and comments, but we wanted to be ready for the next round of development to make EcoBees the best it can be, so that it's working the way you want it to!

We have 2 ideas that we think would help make EcoBees easier or better to use.  Firstly let's tell you what we're already working on…

Spread the word with EcoBees posters

Here are a couple of posters that you can print and stick on your workplace noticeboard, community hall, or wherever you think will be useful to help promote EcoBees in your area.  The more people that know about and join EcoBees, the more we all benefit, including the planet!

EcoBees has Members Worldwide

EcoBees is growing quickly thanks to the support and belief of our members, members that span the globe!  An average of 65 people join EcoBees every single day and the trend is increasing.

Since our initial launch on 8th March 2010, we now have hundreds of members in 8 countries over 3 continents.  We have members in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Membership has increased 1000% in the past 3 weeks!!  Why not join and become part of a fast growing community!

EcoBees does Twitter

EcoBees now integrates your Twitter account so that when you post an Ad on EcoBees, you also post it to your Twitter account.


Why would you want to use Twitter with EcoBees…[EcoBees Twitter icon]

  • Get more people to see your Ads
  • Bragging rights - shows how green you are
  • Show support for EcoBees

EcoBees New Features

Always trying to be the best we can, we are VERY proud to introduce the newest version of EcoBees, cram packed full of new stuff to make your life even easier!

Biggest and Best

Here's a list of the best features that we've introduced to make your life easier when using EcoBees.

No groups to join

For gifting/reusing/recycling sites like ours, we believe this feature is unique to us, you no longer need to join any groups before you can use EcoBees.  All you do is tell us how far you are willing to travel for items and we only tell you about those within that distance!

Maps on EcoBees

[green globe] For our member's privacy, we restrict maps to members of EcoBees only.  These pages show you what you can expect when you become a member and use our map features.

Ad Locations

Looking at Ad Locations in your user block will show you a map centered where you live showing all current ads in your area.

Map showing all EcoBees Ads

Carbon Footprint Calculator

green footprintDo you know what your carbon footprint is!? Is it above average, or well below?

Well now you can find out in our new Carbon Footprint Calculator.

When you know how much energy you use, why not see if you can get cheaper or greener energy.

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